18 Must Have Tools for Fall Projects Around Your Home

Our team loves all things fall, including the opportunity to help you get your home ready for the winter months. Check out our list of fall home projects below and the must have tools you’ll need to get them done. 

To begin, we walk the outside of the house… 

Clean the Gutters
This project can be a bore, but that doesn’t make it any less important. And while colorful leaves do please the eyes, they also clog gutters, trap rainwater, and can lead to potentially disastrous consequences. Use these tools to clear up all leaves, dirt, moss, and debris so the rain can wash through… 

Bucket for Debris
Puncture-Resistant Work Gloves
Gutter Cleaner

Re-Caulk Your Windows
Nobody likes the costly consequences of cold temperatures and a drafty window. This project is detailed, but very achievable for any experience level. Here are 5 tips to caulk like a pro. Shop the must have tools below: 

All Purpose Cleaner 
Putty Knife
Caulk Gun

Yard Cleanup
Do it Best covers all things fall yard cleanup in this article. From cleaning out your vegetable garden, annual plants, and aerating and fertilizing your lawn this article has you covered. And Modern Hardware has your must have tools covered: 

Leaf Rake
Yard Waste Bags
Leaf and Lawn Chute

Now, we walk the inside the house… 

Clean Your Carpet
Fall is the perfect time to clean your carpet. Spot clean if you have a few stains or use a wet-dry vacuum to clean an entire room. Shop these must have tools from Modern Hardware: 

Spot Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
Wet-Dry Vacuum 
Carpet Protector 

Replace Your Air Filter
Tis’ the season to replace your air filter, especially if you’ve found yourself sneezing more than usual. Check out this article for some quick tips to complete this project and shop air filters below:  

Air Filter
Aluminium Foil Tape

Install a Programmable Thermostat
You’ve walked past the old one long enough. Programmable thermostats save money and provide efficient temperature management. Our team has a number of different thermostat options, and we’d be happy to talk through which option may be best for you. 

And there you have it! A full fall tour of “must have tools” for home projects, both inside and out. Our team is proud to serve homeowners in our community, and we look forward to helping you with your next fall home project.