4 Reasons to Buy a Plastic Raised Garden Bed

A plastic raised garden bed is an accessible approach to gardening for anyone at any skill level and in any location. The raised garden bed boards at Modern Hardware are great for growing small plots of both vegetables and flowers. Learn why below:

1. Plastic Raised Garden Beds Last Forever

Wooden garden boxes are common but deteriorate over time due to natural elements. Plastic raised garden beds do not rot or harbor pests, which means they’re more durable and have a longer life span.

2. Ability to Create Unique Garden Bed Shapes

Garden boxes don’t need to be square or rectangle. Our poly bed boards allow gardeners to get creative with “L” shapes, “T” shapes, and more. Make sure you purchase multiple boards if you’re going for an inventive and imaginative look!

3. Easy to Set-Up

Our poly bed boards are SUPER easy to set up! They can be assembled in minutes – and with no mess to clean up. Decide which shape you’d like to create and then use the included 10.25” nails to build your beds. Our team gives a quick tutorial here.

4. Easy to Take-Down

If you don’t want your garden beds subject to wild winters, plastic raised garden beds are as easy to take down as they are to set up.

Plastic Raised Garden Bed Tools and Accessories

Once you’ve decided to invest in plastic raised garden beds you’ll need a few tools and accessories to ensure a successful harvest. A few products we recommend are:

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