5 Tips to Save on Your Utility Bill

A high utility bill is inevitable in our home state. Michigan winters can be brutal. But Modern Hardware has the tips, tricks, and tools to help you save on utility costs this winter. Take a look below before sub zero temperatures are here to stay… 

Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy efficient bulbs save money no matter the season, and CFL and LED bulbs save the planet too, reducing your home’s carbon footprint. Both CFL bulbs and LED bulbs are available at Modern Hardware. Let us direct you to the best bulbs for your abode. 

Fill Gaps with Foam Sealant

Cold rooms lead to cold houses, even if the rooms aren’t actively lived in. Our tip? Fill gaps and cracks around doors and windows with a foam sealant. This Do it Best how-to article hits on the do’s and don’ts on this project. Modern Hardware has sealant available in-store, with complementary tools and hardware to get the job done. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This replacement is a well-known remedy for high heat bills. The USDE estimates that 10% can be saved with this simple switch. Shop our thermostats online or in-store.

Install/Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping helps keep warm air inside your windows, and water and insects out. It’s easy to install and helpful when your utility bill arrives each month. This project requires no special tools or materials, meaning you can do it yourself. Shop new weather stripping online or in-store.

Switch to a Low Flow Showerhead

Showerheads don’t need to produce 4-5 gallons of water per minute to provide quality showers. A low flow shower head provides savings on both the water and heating bill. If you love  your current showerhead, use a shower flow control to keep water outputs low. If you are looking for a new showerhead, consider a low flow shower head with output control built in. 

Paying your utility bill is not fun, but saving on your utilities is a thrill. Our team is here to provide the products you need to tackle these home projects, and the expertise to make sure you’re confident in tackling them as well. Happy saving!