Changing a Furnace Filter at Home

Changing a furnace filter is a regular task on any homeowner’s to-do list to ensure HVAC systems run efficiently while removing impurities, dust, and dander from the air. Below are a few questions our team is asked regarding how and when to change a furnace filter:

Q: How often should you change your furnace filter?

A: Our team recommends every 1 to 3 months, but keep in mind the manufacturer’s recommendation too. Some signs you should change your furnace filter include: your furnace runs more frequently or household dust collects more easily. Also if your existing filter is gray and covered in dust and lint.

Q: Do you need a specific furnace filter?

A: Perhaps not a specific type of furnace filter, but certainly a specific size (reference the size currently in use) and MERV rating. MERV ratings, according to the EPA, are Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values that report a filter’s ability to capture larger particles. Our team recommends filters with MERV ratings between 8-10 for most homes.

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Q: Do you need to turn off your furnace to change the filter?

A: Yes. Turn off your HVAC unit before changing your furnace filter.

Q: How do you change a furnace filter?

A: This one is – fortunately and remarkably – easy. A furnace filter is usually behind a return-air vent or on the side of a furnace. Remove the existing filter and dispose of it in a waste bin. Replace the filter in the empty slot.

Have other questions about changing a furnace filter? Or which filter to buy? Stop in the store anytime. Bring your existing filter along if helpful. Our team would love to help!
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