How to Get Ready for Spring in Michigan

The snow has (mostly) melted and the sun is (more or less) shining in Michigan, moving the thermometer upward and indicating warm weather months are on their way. Get ready for spring with help from the Modern Hardware team. Tackle these spring to-dos with tips and tools that ensure your home and yard is prepped for the change of seasons.

Get Your Garden Ready for Growing

  1. Clean and prep your garden. Grab a garden hoe to tear up old roots or use it to create shallow trenches to plant seeds. Use a to transplant seeds. A kneeler pad and gardening, gloves make gardening  easier on your body. 10/10 would recommend.
  2. Start your seeds. Shop vegetable, flower, herb, and fruit seeds in-store or online. An easy way to get your garden started is with seed starters like these:
    Self-Watering Greenhouse
    70-Cell Self Watering Greenhouse Seed Starter Kit

    Organic Seed Starting Soil Mix 
  3. Maintain during the growing season. A cultivator or garden rake is used to loosen soil, weed, or mix compost into the soil. Use a garden hose, organic garden food, or an organic garden feeder to help your garden flourish.

Get Your Yard Ready for Backyard Barbecues

It’s normal for your yard to look dreary and/or dead after a long, hard winter. But prepping your yard makes grass and greenery look luscious once the summer months arrive. A few tools we recommend are:

Get Your Lawn Mower Ready for Summer

If you can’t remember the last time your lawnmower blades were sharpened… you know what you should do. Bring your lawnmower blades into Modern Hardware to get sharpened and to ensure a clean cut every time you mow. It takes us about a week to turn these around, so bring them in now before it’s time for a trim.

Get Your Windows and Window Screens Repaired

You’re not ready for spring unless you’re ready for a fresh spring breeze to blow through your home. Check your windows and screens for damage and bring those that need repair into Modern Hardware. Our team repairs window screen tears, cracked glass, and can also fabricate new screens and storm inserts. We also stock all the materials—glass, screens, spines, and slides—that you need to complete your own in-home repair.

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