Modern Hardware’s Holiday Gift Guide

You have holiday shopping to do, and we know the earlier you check off the items on your shopping list the better. At Modern Hardware, we have gifts for everyone on your list. Our products make life easier, safer, cleaner, and with an impact that lasts. Explore our holiday gift guide below, or shop for your own on our website

Gifts for the Grill Master

  1. Grill Cover: The Grill Master can only work their magic with well-kept equipment. Keep the rain and snow out this winter with a grill cover.
  2. Grill Cleaner: The prime grilling season has come and gone, and the grill surface could probably use a good clean. 
  3. Cherry Wood Pellets: Smoked meats with a hint of cherry? Yes, please. 
  4. 3-Sided Grill Brush: Keeping the grilling surface clean is key to consistent results. Help your grill master keep their grill rack clean with new gear.
  5. Marinade Injector: For the grill master who has everything, enter the marinade injector. 

Gifts for the Modern One

  1. House Numbers: The first chance to make a modern impression is a house’s exterior, and the first thing people often look for is your house numbers. 
  2. Towel Rack: Replacing an old towel rack can help a bathroom breathe new modern life. 
  3. Robe Hook: Match the new towel rack with new modern hooks. 
  4. Ceiling Lighting: Modern lighting is a key element of modern design. We also have more excellent lighting options in store.
  5. Wall Plates: New wall plates make for modern switches. Gift these to yourself if your old plates are dragging your house’s look down.

Gifts for the One Who Loves Color

  1. Paint Brush: Color doesn’t find its way on the wall without the proper vehicle. 
  2. Interior Paint: We have every paint from the full color spectrum and for every project. 
  3. 5PC Artist Brush Set: An assortment of the most popular paint brush sizes for the serious artist.
  4. 12-IN-1 Painter’s Tool: A tool every painter needs to make a project easier. 
  5. Spray Paint: For the one who wants to update a piece of furniture or add a pop of color somewhere. 

Gifts for the One Who Always has a DIY Project

  1. Tool Organizer: Every DIYer has lots of tools to tackle their projects. Gift them the organizer they need and deserve. 
  2. Milwaukee Multi Tool: This cordless Multi-Tool cuts, grinds, sands and scrapes at odd angles and in areas difficult to work that every DIYer will appreciate. 
  3. 25’ Extension Cord: No matter what the project is, the DIYer extraordinaire always needs an extension cord.
  4. Impact Drill: When the old drill slows down, the whole job can get frustrating. Gift a drill that will make every project easier.
  5. Portable Light: When a DIYer gets going on a project, they don’t care if it gets dark. The work must go on. Help them see what they’re doing with this halogen worklight.

Bonus Holiday Gift Guide: Black + Decker 20V Cordless Drill is on sale for $49.97 through December. *Available while supplies last. 

Gifts for the Stocking

  1. Gorilla Tape: Everyone can find plenty of uses for some high-quality tape. This is one of those “how did I live without it” gifts.
  2. Hand Weeder: Are you stuffing a stocking for a green thumb? This little tool will help keep gardens clean come spring.
  3. Tape Measure: A stocking stuffer that will be used year round and project after project. 
  4. Utility Knife: Because everyone can use a utility knife. 
  5. Stud Finder: This stud finder finds both wood and metal studs. The Deep Scan technology also penetrates extra thick wall coverings.

Thank you for supporting local this holiday season and shopping our holiday gift guide! We are proud to provide West Michigan with quality hardware and exceptional service. No matter the season, we always have the hardware solutions for you.