Painting Supplies You Need to Tackle 3 Home Projects

Is the paint in your home showing its age? Looking for how-tos and supplies to fix the issue? Let Modern Hardware help. Take a look at the below and polish off one last summer home project before you hunker down for the winter months. Shop in-store or online to grab the painting supplies you need to tackle these three home painting projects. 

Painting Baseboards

Baseboards are one of the most neglected (and scuffed) areas of the home. This how-to video from the Funny Carpenter walks you through how best to paint your baseboards and below are the painting supplies you’ll need to get the job done:

Painting Bathroom Ceilings

Does someone in your home love a steamy shower? Humidity can crack the paint in your ceilings that require repair. This how-to video from Sherwin-Williams explains the most important parts of the painting process. Shop the necessary paint supplies from Modern Hardware:

Painting The Shed

Bring your shed back to life by giving it a fresh paint job. Not only will the shed look great, but it’s nice to be outside finishing a project as summer turns to fall. This how-to video from iCreatables has helpful tips, and Modern Hardware has the painting supplies:

  • Ladder – Available In-Store
  • Caulk – Available In-Store
  • Caulk Gun – Available In-Store

Staining The Deck

The summer sun can be hard on your outdoor woodwork. Reclaim a proper wood by re-staining the affected areas. This how-to video from DEFY has re-staining tips. Here are the supplies you will need:

There’s still time to get those painting projects finished before the end of the summer. Stop by Modern Hardware or shop online to get the painting supplies you need. Happy painting!

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