14oz Titanium Hammer, Fiberglass Handle, Smooth Face

14oz Titanium Hammer, Fiberglass Handle, Smooth Face

Model# BH14TIPFS


14oz Titanium hammer, fiberglass
handle, smooth face

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The first hammer that can Square, Measure, and Swing!

14 oz smooth face Titanium hammer with a professional grade poly-fiberglass handle. Fiberglass handles offer much more durability than hickory handles and will absorb shock to prevent joint strain. Combined with our Titanium heads, this hammer is the perfect fit for America’s everyday, hard-working tradesmen. 100% Made in USA


– 16 inch Out-to-Out Dimension

РTotal Weight 1 lb 12 oz

РVinyl Ester Resin Fiberglass Core Stronger than Standard Polyester Resin Core

– Ti64 Construction Grade Titanium

*We guarantee “Same Line” as a typical rafter/framing square.*

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