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Sheetrock Pre-Mixed Lightweight All-Purpose Dust Control Drywall Joint Compound USG 380138

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Product Details

Weight 4.39 lbs


Set Time

24 Hr.

Coverage Area

25 Sq. Ft.

Shelf Life

9 Mo.

Product Description

Lightweight all-purpose joint compound with dust control is a ready-mixed compound with a patented formula that binds up fine residue during sanding to form heavier particles that tend to fall to the floor instead of clouding the air. Weighs up to 35% less than conventional compounds so handling, application, and sanding are simple, easy, and fast. Requires only 2 coats over metal, such as corner beads and fasteners. It bonds like a taping product for a tough, tight bond under most job conditions and combines all-purpose, single-package convenience with optimum taping and topping performance. Lightweight all-purpose joint compound with dust control can take on sheen or appear glossy after sanding. The surface will require priming with Sheetrock First Coat primer USG to equalize the sheen and porosity of the area covered with joint compound and the wallboard surface. Failure to follow this procedure can result in gloss differences in the finish paint over the joint compound, known as banding. Protect from freezing.

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