32OZ 50 FUEL

32OZ 50 FUEL

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TruFuel Ethanol-Free Small Engine Fuel & Oil Pre-Mix Arnold Corp 6525638

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32 oz

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Pre-mixed fuel and oil eliminates trips to the gas station and the need for an extra gas can in the garage. Specifically for portable gas-powered equipment. A precisely mixed blend of high-octane fuel and advanced synthetic oil; it provides peak performance and protection for engines requiring fuel to oil ration. Extends equipment life and ensures proper break-in for new equipment. Easier start-up, increased trigger response, and smoother idling with no smoke or plug fouling. Keeps carburetors clean. TruFuel also incorporates a fuel preservative that keeps the product fresh for over 2 years. Because it is ethanol-free, it will not harm plastic and is excellent for long term storage.

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