Model# 504


Meeco’s Red Devil Gas Log and Masonry Cleaner Meeco Mfg. Co. Inc. 504

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Product Details

Weight 1.58 lbs
Container Size

32 oz

Container Type

Trigger Spray

Product Description

A ready-to-use cleaner for the removal of soot and smoke stains that accumulate on gas logs and the masonry surfaces surrounding fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Effectively removes water stains, dirt and grease from all kinds of masonry surfaces. Also recommended for cleaning old marble and sculptured stone, aluminum or steel sash, Formica, and painted surfaces. To clean gas logs, spray product directly onto hot gas logs at the site of soot buildup. For cleaning all other applications, spray cool surfaces thoroughly with cleaner, then scrub with a fiber brush. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water after cleaning. May require more than one application. 32 oz. spray.

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