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Bloomers Modular Raised Bed Garden
Raised bed garden. Ideal to start growing your own food, vegetables, and other plants in a convenient garden format. Great design that is not only lightweight and easy to assemble, it is also incredibly sturdy and will not break down like bulk wooden designs. Made with 100% polyethylene, the material is BPA-free and made using plastic that is completely safe (and FDA-approved) to make contact with edibles. Not only is it safer than treated lumber, it is strong. Can hold well over 350 pounds (150kg) of soil and can contain over 12 cubic feet of growing medium such as dirt, rocks, mulch, top soil, and fertilizer. Sections are light and easy to work with. Assemble the entire garden bed in minutes with only a rubber mallet. Walls are completely stackable and connect via a robust pin system. The walls easily hinge well beyond 90 degrees in either direction, allowing for unique shapes and tiered garden designs. The patented stake shape even allows stakes from higher levels to nest so corners maintain integrity against dirt pressure and impacts. Each section is a convenient 24 In. (60cm) wall providing a great opportunity to create even more unique garden ideas like long and narrow gardens that are easier to access from multiple sides or even African Keyhole Gardens. The garden walls are infinitely expandable so there is no limit to the possibilities. The rich, natural coloring will blend in with any garden arrangement or landscape decor, no need to paint or stain. Made using color-fast resin which has the industry’s strongest and most stable ultra violet resistance to prevent fading and cracking. Because it is raised off of the ground, weed control, better irrigation, and less bending are big pluses.
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