Angle stop FS-WA

Angle stop FS-WA

Model# F577040


Angle stop FS-WA

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The angle stop for the guide rail – for precise and fast angled cuts. Angles of -60° to +60° can be set with repeatable accuracy and high precision. The angle stop offers a wide range of applications and full flexibility. Thanks to the quick-clamping lever, the angle stop is attached to the guide rail in an instant and without tools.

  • Precision adjustment.

    Precise and intuitive: make angled cuts from -60° to +60°: Users can make any number of repeat cuts, which can be set efficiently and accurately. The specified locking positions for commonly used angle settings make it particularly easy to achieve maximum precision.

  • Convenient operation.

    The clamping lever can be used to quickly attach the angle stop to the guide rail without tools. This makes it simple and convenient to operate the system from above.

  • System can be extended for repeatable cuts.

    The system can also be extended with a guide extension which has a scale and an adjustable stop (available as an accessory). This allows cuts to be easily made to size with repeat accuracy.

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