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Leak Sentry Ballcock Universal Toilet Repair Kit Fluidmaster 400LSRP4

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Fix noisy toilets and stop leaks with this easy to install universal toilet fill valve. The Fluidmaster 400LSRP4 Leak Sentry Universal Water Saving Toilet Fill Valve has all the same benefits of the 400A fill valve, plus it comes with leak prevention technology and a water-saving roller clamp. Leak prevention technology stops the automatic refill of the toilet tank due to a worn or faulty flapper. The included roller clamp allows you to regulate the amount of water refilling the toilet bowl for maximum efficiency. Quickly replace inefficient, outdated and leaky toilet fill valves with this water-saving design. Installation is simple and the EZ-twist height adjusts from 9″ to 14″ to fit most tanks. The 400LS is a code approved, anti-siphon design, that won’t contaminate the fresh water supply. Recommended for 3.5 to 7 GPF toilets pre-1994.

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