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LubriMatic E-Z 2-Cycle Motor Oil Plews/Lubrimatic 11524

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High quality oil recommended for heavy-duty, air-cooled, two-cycle engines in all applications. Specially developed for use in motorcycles, chainsaws, lawnmowers, air blowers, string trimmers, and other equipment. It provides easy mixing and stable mixtures with gasoline, even at low temperatures. E-Z 2 cycle oil is an ashless, multifunctional package that reduces pre-ignition and plug fouling tendencies while reducing combustion chamber and piston deposits and protects against rust. It is fully qualified as two-stroke-cycle gasoline lubricant service designation. This product is diluted with just enough solvent to promote easy mixing gasoline but maintain high flash points. Meets or exceeds TC/JASO FB, TA, TB, TC.

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