3/4″ 150PSI T&P VALVE

3/4″ 150PSI T&P VALVE

Model# 100108280


Reliance Self-Closing T & P Relief Valve Reliance/State Ind. 100108280

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Product Details

Weight 0.75 lbs
Inlet Size

3/4 In. MIPS

Outlet Size

3/4 In. FIPS

Temperature Rating

210 F

Pressure Rating

150 psi

BTU Rating

100,000 BTU

Product Description

Temperature and pressure relief valve for direct installation into hot water tank. Rated for 150 P.S.I. pressure and 210 deg. temperature. 3-3/4″ thermostat probe projection. Protects water heaters to 100,000 BTU per hour. 3/4″ MIPS inlet and 3/4″ F.I.P.S. outlet.

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