OxyLights Framer Set with Double Outer Bags

OxyLights Framer Set with Double Outer Bags

Occidental Leather Model# OL8080DB


8080db – OxyLights™ Framer Tool Belt Package with Double Outer Bag

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Product Details

Weight 4.4 lbs

Leather, Nylon


Occidental Leather

Country of Origin

Made in the USA

Product Description

Identical to the style and function of the Pro Leather 5080DB, but offering reduced weight with functional durability. Designed by and for the professional builder, this traditional belt set is fine-tuned for optimum efficiency and comfort.

Leather and industrial nylon intelligently combined to lighten the builder’s load. The trademark OxyRed™ leather reinforces the main bag corners as well as provides our NoSpill™ system of all leather tool holders. Our most popular designs in a lighter weight alternative.

Tools not included.

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