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Mayes Squangle All-Purpose Combination Square Great Neck 10231

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Product Description

All the features found on a framing square. Combination square and T-square. Rugged lightweight anodized aluminum alloy and plastic, easy-to-read settings and scales. Rules scribed in 1/16 In. and 1/12 In. along 13 In. body and 4-1/2 In. right angle as well as on 8-1/8 In. adjustable arm. Hip and valley pitch, rule and square measurements on front. Thumb-screws for angle adjustment 45 deg. thru 90 deg.. Lever vial located in adjustable arm. Rafter scale for hip and valley or common types. Door sill/window sill pitch settings. Protractor setting 45 deg. thru 90 deg.. Used by carpenters, plumbers, boat builders, truss makers, steel workers, DIY fans.

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