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Kohler Enlighten Multifunction 5-Spray Fixed Showerhead
Enlighten multifunction fixed showerhead. Polished chrome finish. A complete range of shower experiences, from gentle to invigorating, is at your fingertips with the Enlighten showerhead. Simply rotate the thumb tab to select from 5 different water sprays: full coverage, intense rinse, powerful massage, and 2-combination sprays that allow you to enjoy multiple settings at once. This self-sealing showerhead offers fast, easy installation, with no tools or tape required. Full coverage spray features angled nozzles to produce all-encompassing coverage for everyday use. Intense rinse spray delivers a forceful spray ideal for thoroughly rinsing soap from hair, powerful massage spray is a focused stream that targets sore muscles, or use as a utility spray to rinse kids, pets, and your shower. Simple thumb tab allows for a smooth transition between sprays. MasterClean sprayface is easy to clean to prevent mineral buildup. 1.75 GPM (gallons per minute) showerhead flow rate, 1/2 In. NPSM (National Pipe Straight Mechanical) connection. Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing. No-tool installation; requires only hand-tightening.
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