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Henry ReadySet Multi-Purpose Ceramic Tile Adhesive Henry, W.W. Co. 12256

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Product Description

Henry 314 Readyset premixed mastic adhesive for ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tile. Do not use for lug-back ceramic tile or pre-grouted wall tile sheets. Bonds to concrete, concrete block, cement backer board, gypsum drywall, plaster, underlayments, wood substrates, brick, and existing ceramic tile. Glossy painted surfaces and glazed ceramic tile must be abraded. Do not use over mortar beds, gang showers, or walls made of plywood or particleboard. Do not install porcelain tile over nonporus substrates. Do not install tile over gypsum backing board or water-resistant gypsum backing board (greenboard) where there will be direct exposure to water. Refer to the tile manufacturer’s specific preparation recommendations. Tile at 65 deg. F. (18 deg. C.) or above. VOC content: 60 g/L: Calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168. Ceramic and porcelain tile 6″ x 6″ or smaller: 5/32″ x 3/16″ saw tooth, 160 to 200 sq. ft. per 4 gallon. Mosaic tile: 1/8″ x 1/8″: Saw tooth, 180 to 220 sq. ft. per 4 gallon. Ceramic and porcelain tile larger than 6″ x 6″, and all quarry tile: 1/4″ x 1/4″ x 1/4″ square notch, 100 to 120 sq. ft. per 4 gallon. Plastic pail.

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