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Use the FS 1400 Guide Rail (55 inches) with the Festool TS Plunge cut saw to make precision cuts up to 49 inches long
Integrated splinterguard serves as cut line and prevents tear-out and splintering
A fully integrated system, use your Festool routers or jigsaw with the guide rail for expanded capability
Non-skid, dual-clamping rubber strips prevent movement during the cutting operation, saving significant set up time
Festool guide rails make your work easier by allowing you to bring the tool to the work, rather than you’re your material to the bandsaw, cabinet saw, etc. Eliminate re-measuring and transportation. Festool guide rails are available in 8 sizes from 32″ to 197″ (800mm to 5000mm) making it easy to find the perfect rail for any application. Every rail includes an integrated splinterguard allowing you to align your cut perfectly as well as ensure a perfect splinter free result with no tear out whether cutting across or with the grain.

Multiple guide rails can be connected creating an endless length of track for cuts of any needed length.

Use your track saw, router or jig saw
Connect multiple rails for expanded capability (limitless)
Non skid strips underneath the rail prevent sliding during setup and cutting
Compatible with clamps
Guaranteed splinter free cuts

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