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Swanson Speed Trim Rafter Square
Aluminum trim speed square. Dual reference base, and 3/8 In. on either side of the flange. Great for quick mortise or tenon joint layouts on stock. Drill guide incorporated into the square at 3/8 In. to quickly add in drilling the center of stock. Speedy angle guides for 22-degree, 30-degree and 45-degree markings. Features a quick guide for the width of 2 x martial which is 1-1/2 inches. Perfect for cabinetry and molding. High-visibility, black gradations with a non-glare, matte finish for easy reading in any lighting conditions. Heavy-gauge aluminum alloy construction is die-cast for increased accuracy and will not mar finishes like other squares. A full 1/8-inch scribe bar from the inventors of the full scribe bar. Small enough to fit into your pocket. The 90 and 45 are CNC machined to Swanson’s precise tolerances. Embossed markings at every degree including the 22.5 and 67.5 means that they will not wear off and last the life of the product. It is perfect size for trueing up your table saw to 45 or 90 degrees.
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