Model# 108-904RP


ProLine Backflow Preventer-Vacuum Breaker Mueller/ B&K 108-904RP

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Product Details

Weight 0.25 lbs

Backflow Preventer

Product Description

Attached to sill cocks, valves, and hydrants with Male hose thread outlet. For indoor or outdoor use. Designed to prevent dangerous back siphonage and back flow. Furnished with break-a-way lock screw if vandal-resistant installation is desired. For nonfreezing areas only. Designed to protect hose connections from contamination where temperatures do not get below freezing. Outlet side of vacuum breaker has a manual drain release of check valve to allow complete draining of valve, but must be operated manually after hose is disconnected to prevent valve from freezing. I.A.P.M.O. and A.S.S.E. approved. 1 each per display pack for peg hook hanging. Import.

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