6 Tips To Get Spring Ready

While it might not be time to store your snow shovel, March is the perfect time to prepare for spring yard work. Here are six tips designed to get you outside with rake in hand. And with any luck, it won’t be snowing while you read this.


1. March is a great time to take stock of winter’s effect on your lawn and garden and begin clean-up. Cut back dead growth on shrubs and trees and clean debris from the lawn, garden beds and planters. Be careful of raking your lawn too soon and too vigorously, but it’s okay to gently remove damaged turf.

2. Start a compost pile. It’s easy to make a simple compost container with wire fencing.

3. Check your supplies and tools. Did a hose or sprinkler stay out all winter? Trapped water might have frozen, causing cracks and leaks. Also, consider water-saving irrigation options like soaker hoses and water timers.

4. Replenish soil in containers and planters.

5. Stock up on planting supplies. While it’s a little early to plant grass seed, it’s a great time to buy lawn patchseeds, and starter fertilizer so when those warm sunny days hit, you’re ready to
grab your rake, pull on your gloves, and get to work.

6. Sharpen, tune, and adjust your tools and power equipment. Don’t wait until the grass needs
trimming; fire up the mower and trimmers. Go easy on your lawn by cutting with sharp mower blades. And while you’re at it, check the deck height on your mower. 3” to 3-1/2” is the ideal
height for most Michigan turf. Tall grass holds water in and crowds out weeds.


Finally, take a deep breath. There’s nothing like the smell of winter turning to spring.

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