Modern’s Guide to Mixing Cabinet Hardware

Our decorative hardware consultants are often asked about mixing cabinet hardware in the bathroom, the kitchen, the den, and more. The answer is yes. Mixing both hardware styles and metal finishes add depth and dimension to a room. Below our team answers a few specific questions we’ve received over the last several months:

Q: My faucet is chrome; can I add another decorative hardware finish?

A: Yes! But keep it simple. Our team would suggest letting the chrome faucet fade away by mixing in other finishes. Black matte and brass tones work well. Mixing metal finishes can also add visual interest to a space, as seen in the photo below.

Builder: Celebrity Builders
Designer: CVI Design
Hardware: Top Knobs

Q: Should I mix and match hardware in my kitchen?

A: Also yes. How a kitchen flows and functions is important, so choose hardware styles that match the function of each individual cabinet. For example: pull works well for pull-out trash cans and a knob works well for small drawers and doors. Add decorative hardware styles that match your personal preferences too to give your kitchen a custom look.

Builder: Dan Vis Builders
Architect: Brad Douglas Design
Designer: Morse Design
Hardware: Ashley Norton Hardware

Q: How many different cabinet hardware pieces can I choose per room?

A: Our team suggests staying within one hardware collection and utilizing different styles from within that collection to make the room look more custom, yet still congruous. The bathroom below uses both bronze pulls and crystal knobs. The crystal knobs add some flair while still ensuring the space feels cohesive.

Builder: Sherwood Custom Homes
Hardware: Emtek

    3 More Tips for Mixing Cabinet Hardware:
  • If you choose to mix and match hardware finishes, make sure you mix and match hardware finishes within the same company. A brass finish at one company may look different from a brass finish at another company. Please note that this is especially true for brass and black finishes.
  • If you choose to mix and match hardware styles, make sure you mix and match hardware styles within the same design style. Shy away from pairing a rustic knob with a modern pull, for instance.
  • If you have questions regarding decorative hardware, schedule a consultation. With our team or with a designer. Leaning on another’s expertise makes it easy to choose hardware that’s both fabulous and functional.

We hope we were able to provide the answers you needed about mixing cabinet hardware. And if we did not, we encourage you to contact us. ​​Join our mailing list to stay up to date with the latest news from our team. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more regular updates.